30 Jul

Some people believe that you must be born with it. While it may be true that some people possess a natural ability towards leadership, it can be learned. Like anything else, you get better at it with practice. 

One of the key features of a leader is to lead by example. Our society has gotten too used to the idea that leaders simply bark orders at people. They expect people to follow those orders without the willingness to do the tasks themselves. Leaders need to be the captains of the ship and be willing to go down with the ship. 

Another role of a leader is to take responsibility for your actions. Don’t pass the blame onto others. If you assume or accept a leadership role, then you will be looked upon to guide those you lead. Own up to your mistakes and figure out alternative courses of action when needed.

A leader should also have a vision for their organization. You should know what you are trying to accomplish and figure out how you are going to get there. When you are leading others, you need to display confidence. When people view you as a confident leader, they will do whatever you ask of them. There is a difference between confidence and arrogance; be careful not to confuse the two. Leaders are allowed to make mistakes. How they recover from those mistakes defines their ability to lead. 

If you hide from the problem, you will lose the confidence that others have placed in you. Face up to the adversity of the situation and figure out how to handle it. This can require some tough decisions, but that is part of the role of the leader. 

Leaders should listen to the people they are leading. Hire the right people, let them do their jobs, and listen to their concerns. Listening to others does not imply caving into their demands. It will however encourage members to share their valuable contributions going forward. You simply need to take what others say into consideration.

Most importantly, a good leader needs to be able to lead themselves before they can lead others. Self-leadership is the practice of developing one's own technical abilities such as finance or excel capabilities and interpersonal abilities of self-awareness through the practice of continuous learning. One way to improve self-awareness is by reflecting on your own undesirable behaviors and the pre-occurring conditions. Being aware of these conditions and adjusting your approach in future interactions will create more opportunities for effective leadership.

Therefore, continuous life-long learning ought to be the primary goal of a good leader. Do you believe that through learning and application anyone determined enough can lead? If leaders are made and not born, how are you equipping yourself or your organization to be qualified to lead others?

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