We exist to help create economic equity and opportunity for low-to-moderate income individuals and families, as well as, reducing instances of poverty among youth and young adults is a key focus area.  We are a California-based social enterprise nonprofit organization committed to creating pathways of opportunity and self-sufficiency for underserved individuals.

Our mission is to provide programs and resources that can create pathways to financial stability and success for low-to-moderate income individuals and families, while also teaching the importance of strong leadership at home, work, and in the community.

Our vision is that all individuals are given access to opportunities that can lead to greater financial stability, and a thriving, purposeful life.

  • EMPOWERMENT - We believe in empowering individuals to take ownership of their lives.

  • SUPPORT - We believe in providing a support ecosystem for individuals, especially youth and young adults, as they grow beyond current circumstances and/or limiting belief systems.

  • PURPOSE - We believe that defining and living in definiteness of purpose is critical to breaking free from the cycle of poverty and economic instability.

  • SELF-SUFFICIENCY - We believe in teaching individuals to use entrepreneurship and financial education as a means to create financial stability.

  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY - We believe in teaching individuals to be socially responsible through community engagement, public policy and advocacy, and social responsibility.

  • EQUITY - We believe in providing equal access to resources for all.

  • HEALTH - We believe in building healthy and thriving individuals, families, and communities.


ATS was founded in 2015 by Regeanie Corona and her husband, Daniel Corona, with a desire to change economic outcomes for low-to-moderate income families and the communities they live in. Regeanie grew up in Compton, CA and Daniel grew up in East Los Angeles, CA. Both came from loving, two-parent homes, but they were not ignorant of the social disadvantages for individuals and families within their communities. In spite of living in communities that were filled with gang violence, drugs, and all-around financial struggles and hopelessness for many, they received modeling from parents and family members who loved and encouraged them and mentors who were successful, entrepreneurial, and college-educated.

Regeanie and Daniel believed that they were not destined to be another young black or brown statistic. They both consider themselves blessed to have had home lives that gave them hope for something greater than the circumstances that they were surrounded by. After many years of successfully pursuing their career goals and dreams, they both decided to start ATS as a way to give back and to change the narrative for others who have a desire to do better and be better but might feel limited by their circumstances or even the zip code that they come from.

Poverty continues to be one of the number one issues that negatively impact children, young adults, and families, often creating barriers to greater life success. We believe that financial literacy and pathways to self-sufficiency such as through advanced education, careers, or entrepreneurship are key components to helping individuals break the cycles of poverty that may be generational. We also understand that when financial stability can be realized, it opens the door for many other opportunities that can lead to overall healthier individuals, families and communities.