We provide the training, coaching and tools to help individuals become strong leaders in business and community, with the purpose of increasing financial stability in low-income families and communities

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Emancipated Foster Youth and Homelessness by Regeanie S. Corona

A look at how the homeless issue affects disconnected youth in the United States.

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We are a 501(c)3 training and development company, and we take a multi-faceted approach to supporting individuals in vulnerable populations and the communities that they live in

Our Goal: To strengthen families and communities for a thriving existence by preparing individuals to become strong business and community leaders

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Your donation helps us to close the poverty gap by continuing to serve underserved individuals and communities with training, coaching and mentoring programs.


Volunteers are critical to our programming success. We are grateful to our volunteers who assist with things ranging from classroom activities to social media management. Partner with us and volunteer today!


Mentors are key to role-modeling and helping program participants achieve successful outcomes. We seek mentors from the public and private sectors to work with youth and young adults in our programs.