We are a diverse team of highly specialized professionals coming together to serve other nonprofits by helping them build their capacity using our proprietary framework, the GRIT Blueprint®

Regeanie Corona, MBA

President & CEO

Regeanie Corona, MBA is President & CEO, leading the team with vision and expertise, and provides nonprofit business strategy, including technology strategy.

Helen Diaz, MPH

Program Development Specialist

Helen Diaz, MPH is a Program Development Specialist. She develops and implements programs to meet organizational needs.

Wendy Gladney

Community Relations & Fund Develoment Specialist

Wendy Gladney is our Community Relations & Fund Development Specialist, working to strengthen community engagement and secure resources.

Jeanette Mandy

Nonprofit Financial Management Specialist

Jeanette Mandy is a Nonprofit Financial Management Specialist, providing guidance and expertise in the financial management of nonprofit organizations.

Grace Casaba

Marketing & Operations Assistant

Grace Casaba is a Marketing & Operations Assistant, supporting marketing and operations activities.

Kelli Kobelin

Grant Writer

Kelli Kobelin is a Grant Writer, providing research and writing services to the team and our clients.

Heather Andrews, MBA

Program Manager

Heather Andrews, MBA is a Program Manager responsible for overseeing program initiatives.