13 Sep

Growing up, my parents started teaching me the importance of delayed gratification. They would teach me to put some coins in a jar and watch them grow.

It's a simple but powerful lesson on how a little bit of money can make a significant change in your life. The same lesson can be applied to a goal, such as building muscle. Building muscle takes time - time that is invested in exercise. Every workout moves you closer to your goal - but that doesn't mean every workout is exciting.

In fact, some workouts are downright hard and painful. In order to see the benefits of a difficult workout, you need to continue exercising through the pain and discomfort. But you're busy. You're tired. You're just wanting to give up, but you must remember that is the real way to grow and really making your dreams come true at the highest level.

In our youtube video of the week, we discussed 5 more reasons why most people fail at their goals and Instant gratification was one of them. You can click this link down below to watch the short episode.

Our guest speaker shared a few different things you can do to acknowledge these life mistakes & make sure you fix them along your journey to whatever success you're aiming for.

Watch the video here:

Mohamed Gbane, Advancing The Seed, Inc. Project Coordinator

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