Regeanie Corona

Regeanie Corona
Founder and CEO

Advancing The Seed, Inc. was birthed from a vision to combine my  personal goal of helping others discover and walk in purpose, with my  love for entrepreneurship, business development, and economic  empowerment. I want to see individuals thrive in life so they are able  to have greater impact in the world.  I also believe that when we  provide education and resources to our youth, in conjunction with  leadership development coaching, we can begin to change the poverty  conversation.  Understanding business, economy, finances, and how it all  ties to community is critical for the growth of individuals and  communities, especially those that are living in poverty, or even, low  to moderate income circumstances and just barely making ends meet.

I  want our youth to learn that education and entrepreneurship can lead to  economic empowerment and  financial stability, which can then also  allow them to give back socially.  Once they have achieved financial  stability and can provide consistently for themselves and their  families, it then becomes important to give back through community  service and philanthropy.  

I'm excited about our work at ATS and  the lives we are impacting. I have a special affinity for coaching and  developing our youth into strong business and community leaders with a  strong since of purpose. The youth are our future and they are full of  creative and innovative ideas, and I know that my purpose is to help  harness and cultivate that natural talent, passion and drive into a  confident individual who is ready to disrupt the status quo with their  identified purpose in the world.