Impact Timeline

Established as a 501(c)3 (2015)

Seed funding provided by the Founders to establish Advancing The Seed, Inc. and IRS tax-exemption approval received.

Learn MoreApr 22, 2015

Young Adult Activate Purpose Program piloted (2016)

ATS, Inc. partnered with the Orange County Youth Center to provide supplemental training and development services under the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act funding.

Jan 25, 2016

Partnered with Banc of California to pilot youth summer entrepreneurship program (2016)

Delivered entrepreneurship and financial management education, using STEM as part of the curriculum for students ranging from 5th grade through 10th grade.

Jul 10, 2016

Expanded Young Adult Activate Purpose Program to California Conservation Corp (2016)

Our program expands in a pilot with young adults at the Norwalk location of the California Conservation Corps.

Oct 03, 2016

Foster Road Elementary School Financial Literacy Green Ribbon Week and After-School Program (2017)

Successfully completed a week long financial "fitness" and awareness week with forty (40) 4th grade students. A smaller group of thirteen (13) students also attended the after school financial education and entrepreneurship education program.

Apr 24, 2017

Inaugural Activate Purpose Summit

Held the 1st Annual Activate Purpose Summit in Norwalk, CA.

Oct 07, 2017